Friday, 21 October 2011

Are we there yet?

End of October
Countdown has begun!  Boy is it cold in London, my sore throat has been raging and the dreaded Indian Visa place was closed at my first attempt to deal with the wheels of bureaucracy, unsurprisingly the visa stamp was incorrect at the second attempt where I witnessed my first public tantrum ... bodes well, huh!

We have finally booked a hotel in Delhi (hope so at least) the security password was euphemistically set as 'smell' - also bodes well! Flights booked, jabs in order, pharmaceuticals strategically being gathered up, clothing being scoured out and a sketchy itinerary drawn up. Feels like a military operation already.

Post Delhi, next on the hitlist will be to help at the orphanages in some small way .... then it is a toss up between Varnasi or Rishikesh followed by the deserts and fortresses of Rajasthan and down South for R&R in the Keralan backwaters, eyes fixed on a cookery course, wildlife sanctuary, temples, beach, yoga and massage pampering. That's the plan, sit on the edges of your seat to find out about reality! Over and out till mother India x


  1. Have a great trip!!!

  2. Hey girl, you go for it!! We are gonna miss you so make sure you send some pics...

  3. Looks like the start of a fine blog!

    By the way, the Indian Summer is back in Britain! Gone warm and sunny again!

  4. Ooh Tata! have a great time there look forward to seeing pictures of ya and diary accounts soon!

    Bob Toz and Sigs

  5. Hey Tata we r all looking forward to your update Grandma + Poppa r here and want to hear from u!

    P.S. Dads on his way 2 America and Siggy is in the kennals :(

  6. is there ever going 2 be an update?

  7. Hi Bob

    Loads of updates... you need the main page ie

    Also, internet access is unreliable here plus we are charging around the place (Rajasthan right now)


  8. Xena

    How are you all doing???

    Ta ta xx

  9. First time I've managed to log on and follow you around India (well not literally!) Wow what an unforgettable experience - I've always wanted to go, but I think I'll just stick to living my experience through your eyes (& blog!!)....... less traumatic!! Glad I caught up with you. Waiting with baited breath for your next instalment! Hope the foot balm has come in handy!! Lx

  10. Hey there, great to hear from you and via the blog. In case you haven't got there yet, scroll to the main page though to keep up to date. Foot balm has definitely helped to sweeten up my feet so thanks again. Lol xxx