Monday, 2 January 2012


... Don't skip the penultimate excerpt on Delhi, scroll down below....

I am now back home wondering what to make of the whole Indian adventure. One thing is for certain, in all its intensity there was never a dull moment. Apart from acquiring a poor replica of their head wobble, (which to my mind equals 'maybe yes/maybe no'), I've hurtled towards a mass of contradictions from sublime beauty to the hideously hideous; from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows; from heartfelt generosity to downright deceit; from the most sumptuous of healthy meals to those truly unfit for consumption and I've witnessed religious practices that even the artist Hieronymus Bosch could not have imagined.

I feel truly grateful for all the advantages of living in the West, of not having to tolerate regular power cuts, pestering, the unbearable heat, humidity and then freezing cold, relentless noise, bedlam, smells, large creepy crawlies and worse... oh and all the 'in your face' mcp nonsense. Yet for all that, here in London at least, we seem to be spiritually lacking, uninvolved, grey and purposeless. Curiosity, the sense of community and respect for elders cements India as does its colour, jingle-jangle and complete intoxicating zest for life. Why not go there and discover for yourself!

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  1. will do! what a pitty we couldn't meet up over there. but it looks like you had an amazingly impressive time. i'll see how we fare and i shall let you know upon my return to london in may...